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China’s shared bikes as one of the ‘four new inventions’ in foreigners’ eyes

High-speed rails, Alipay, shared bikes and online shopping are China’s new four great ‘inventions’, said a number of foreign youngsters in China, mostly students from the Third World countries, when responding to a survey by the Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Perhaps, commercially or scientifically speaking, these items are not ‘invented’ … Continue reading

With glut of lonely men, China has an approved outlet for unrequited lust

In Guangzhou, China, slack-jawed and perspiring, Chen Weizhou gazed at a pair of life-size female dolls clad, just barely, in lingerie and lace stockings. Above these silicone vixens, an instructional video graphically depicted just how realistic they felt once undressed. A 46-year-old tour bus driver, Mr Chen had come earlier this month to the Guangzhou … Continue reading

China detains activist amid rights crackdown

China has detained a prominent rights activist for more than two months without formally charging him, his lawyer said on Friday, the latest case in a crackdown on freedom of assembly. The length of Guo Feixiong’s detention exceeds the 37-day limit allowed for holding an individual without a formal arrest and charge under Chinese law. … Continue reading

China: Guangzhou to empty labour camps

Guangzhou plans to empty its hard-labour camps by year’s end, state media reported yesterday, the latest locality to phase out the notorious punishment. Rights advocates have long complained that the “re-education through labour“, or laojiao, system which lets police send suspects to work camps for up to four years without trial, is widely abused to … Continue reading

China’s air travelers forced to take high-speed rail

It is really fascinating that there has been so much bad news in China now. Take transportation for example, on July 12 there was an SCMP report Chinese airports the worst when it comes to delays. The next day, there was another SCMP report “Chinese airlines to face tough penalties for delays.” One of the reports … Continue reading

China Coast Guard ships now carry weapons in South China Sea

With long toots, two Chinese coast guard ships, each with displacement exceeding 1,000 tons, left a dock in Guangzhou for the South China Sea to conduct patrols to safeguard China’s sovereignty. An official of the relevant department revealed that a coast guard ship equipped with weapons “will have greater strength to intensify law enforcement on … Continue reading

China: unequal in death, as well as in life

The news that Guangzhou is to start building a costly cemetery exclusively for revolutionary heroes and government officials this October has stirred up something of an online controversy. With the cost of cemetery space far higher than housing, it has highlighted the increasing inequality in Chinese society – in death, as well as in life. … Continue reading

In China, the license plates can cost more than the car

Shanghai’s busy streets teem with Buicks, Fords, Volkswagens, and Toyotas. More than 9 out of 10 cars in the world’s most populous city are made by foreign companies, and it’s not just a reflection of mainlanders’ preference for Western design. Some local automakers say the city’s license plate auctions are responsible for their weak sales. Shanghai is … Continue reading

The real cause and impact of China’s labour shortage

China continues to suffer a labour shortage in its key coastal manufacturing regions. This, no doubt, is impacting U.S. and other foreign companies operating in China. But the labour shortage is not due to a lack of available workers. Instead, it is prompted by Chinese government policies, as well as prevailing work and living conditions … Continue reading

The Chinese on a personal level: White man in China

I went to China in 2011 by way of Hong Kong. I met up with a friend of mine I had met in Vietnam who was living in Hong Kong; he offered to show me around. Hong Kong, of course, is China: “one government, two systems”–although the Hong Kong citizens have different passports. I crossed … Continue reading

As expected, China property bubble reinflates

The government may be putting a lid on it, but if China‘s housing market was a metaphorical “soup de jour”, it is back to boil over. Property prices are rising in 53 out of 70 cities surveyed by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in January. Twenty-five cities in November and 12 in October experienced a price hike … Continue reading

Panic among Chinese officials as authorities declare war on corruption

Chinese authorities have announced a new war on corrupt officials. In response, officials have panicked and withdrawn money from the banks, as well as selling luxury goods. The Communist Party of China‘s announcement of the fight against corruption in their ranks is not the first time. This time, however, the announcement caused panic among wealthy … Continue reading

How not to beat the rush for Chinese train tickets

In freewheeling and fast-growing China, providing an innovative service might be enough to get rich. In the case of China’s tightly regulated train ticket market, however, it is enough to get arrested. The story begins with the approach of China’s most important holiday the Spring Festival, which this year falls on February 10. Every year … Continue reading

Freedom of press in China; a battle worth fighting

The Guangdong provincial propaganda authorities rudely interfered with Guangzhou outspoken magazine Southern Weekly with respect to the magazine’s New Year message, and forced it to replace the message with one advocating constitutionalism, with a commentary glorifying the Communist Party. Journalists at the Southern Weekly were outraged because it was done without the consent of the … Continue reading

More monitoring to reveal true extent of pollution in China’s cities

Environmental experts say real-time air quality updates mandated to start in 74 mainland cities on New Year’s Day will leave local officials less room to manipulate data and hide the country’s worsening pollution problem. They said hourly readings – already provided as a trial in a dozen cities, including Guangzhou, where they began on Friday … Continue reading

China’s anti-corruption drive triggers frantic property dump among officials

Real estate agents in provinces such as Guangdong and Jiangsu have been frantically trying to push deals for a torrent of second-hand flats suddenly released on the market – many of which belong to government officials, the Oriental Morning Post reported on Monday. With an imminent state-led corruption crackdown looming, nervous Chinese officials – some … Continue reading

China holds test run on world’s longest high-speed railway link

China tested its 2,298-kilometer (1,428-mile) high-speed rail line, the longest in the world, as it prepares to start passenger service in two days. Bullet-trains on the line from Beijing to southern Chinese city of Guangzhou can run at an average speed of 300 kilometres per hour, the official Xinhua news agency said. It will shorten the … Continue reading

Southern China officials called on to be monogamous

An anti-graft official in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou called on government and Communist Party officials to be faithful to their spouses after a slew of local scandals, the China Daily reported today. Mei Heqing, a standing member of the communist party’s Guangzhou disciplinary commission, also disclosed at a briefing yesterday that 38 of the 61 … Continue reading

China: World’s longest high-speed rail line set to open

The high-speed rail route from Beijing to South China‘s Guangzhou will open on December 26, cutting the journey from 22 hours to around eight. It is the world’s longest high-speed rail route, with a distance of 2,298 kilometres. The Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway is expected to reduce the pressure of the travel peak during the upcoming … Continue reading

The mistress-industrial complex in China

Is adultery the key to solving China’s corruption problem? Among the many notable features of the latest grainy sex tape circulating on the Chinese Internet — a video of former Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu atop his then-18-year-old mistress in 2007 — perhaps the most intriguing is the angle from which it was shot. Someone placed … Continue reading

China: Day care teacher caught on video throwing child to the floor

A teacher at a child care centre was prosecuted by the local procuratorate yesterday for abusing a 4-year-old child with mental disadvantage. Xu,  a teacher at a private-owned care centre in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, threw the 4-year-old girl to the floor after the latter refused to cooperate in doing activities. The girl fell into unconsciousness immediately, but Xu … Continue reading

Over 1,000 Chinese fishing boats to fish in disputed waters near Senkakus

Ming Pao reports from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong: While mass anti-Japan protests spread to at lease 85 cities in China, over 1,000 fishing boats set out for the sea areas around the Diaoyu Islands to fish and claim sovereignty yesterday when the annual fishing ban ended in the East China Sea. Due to … Continue reading

Pavlov’s Dog and Good Samaritans in China

In the late nineteenth century, Ivan Potrovitch Pavlov, a Russian Physiologist conducted an experiment in which a dog was fed when a bell was rung. After dozens of feeding along with the ringing, the dog started to have heavy flows of saliva on hearing the bell, even when the food was not present. His famous … Continue reading

Visa rules tighten for foreigners in China; 10 years expulsion

SCMP reports today that China’s top legislature has endorsed a tighter immigration regulation aimed primarily at foreign illegal workers. The regulation, ratified by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, shortens the minimum duration of residential certificates for foreigners carrying a work visa to 90 days – half of the current period. “The rule … Continue reading

Citron accuses Chinese developer Evergrande of “fraudulent information”

Shares in Chinese property developer Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd slumped by as much as a fifth on Thursday – wiping around $1.7 billion off its market value – after the company was targeted by a report from short-sale specialist Citron Research, traders said. Evergrande, the second-largest mainland China developer by sales, has grown aggressively … Continue reading

Ex-official in China admits he sold top jobs

A former top official in the People’s Congress of Maoming has pleaded guilty to selling government contracts and scores of official positions for nearly 18 million yuan (HK$22.1 million) in bribes. Zhu Yuying , 60, confessed in Guangzhou Railway Transport Intermediate Court on Tuesday to helping 57 cadres secure higher positions in local government between … Continue reading

Chinese Defense Ministry denies Readiness Status Two

According to China News Service, the Chinese Defence Ministry issued a statement yesterday denying media reports that Guangdong Military Region and the South Sea Fleet had entered Readiness Status Two The Report From Ming Pao Ming Pao: China Denies Military in Readiness Status Two 明報稱中國否認廣州軍區二級戒備 明報 – 1809 hrs Ming Pao–1809 hrs, May 11, 2012 … Continue reading

Canton Fair posts disappointing results

The Canton Fair, one of the country’s biggest trade fairs and a barometer of the health of the export sector, ended on a sombre note, with orders from overseas buyers down and traders reporting that most new contracts were kept short-term. Deals signed across the fair’s three weeks amounted to US$36.3 billion, down more than … Continue reading


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